Friday, May 25, 2007

For the Technologically Gifted: A Query

UPDATED: Oh, and I forgot to ask how you get your signature to look so cute on the bottom of the post. (Have you all guessed that I am akin to a computer moron?)

Here's a question for anyone who uses Blogger and has a cute picture on their header:

How on God's green earth did you get it to show up? Did you do it yourself, or did someone else do it for you? And if you did it yourself, would you tell me how to make my header less lame?

So really, that's three questions . . .


  1. I made mine in Photoshop (and used royalty free images/stock images that I bought). Then, I uploaded it to Photobucket for hosting. I then used the blogger template layout thingee (how is that for technical) to put a picture where the header is (and also tweaked the template to be able to get rid of the header that was already there). And, that was pretty much that (except that I went in and tweaked the template again to make it so that my "picture" header was still linked to be able to be clicked on and lead to the main page of my blog.)

    I will admit -- I got REALLY frustrated while I was trying to do it all. But, I just kept with it. I did come very (VERY, VERY) close to paying someone to do it for me.

  2. Here's what you do - go to Moms Who Blog - and see this post. It has great instructions

  3. Thanks gals! I'm going to try and spruce things up around here :)

  4. Sounds like you've got lots of good advice already. I couldn't get the photo to upload from the "Layout" window, so I went into the actual template, and just added the URL. (The trick is to figure out WHERE to add it. That's where hubby came in handy.)

  5. I went to the HTML to do it - took a while! Bling my Blog will do it for free - very good and where my new look came from. But the signature file. Here's where:

    My Live Signature

    It will even give you the code to make it show up without a border.

    Nice new bloggy look!


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