Monday, May 07, 2007

Even More Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

I've been tagged by Janeen over at Our Story to do the 7 Facts Meme. I'm supposed to come up with 7 random facts/habits, preferably ones that I have not previously blogged to death, so this may require some creative thinking after all! I'll give it a shot because I really do like to be tagged (as long as people have no expectations of a prompt reply), and because I like Janeen.

1. I really like to drive, and, more specifically, I like to drive fast. Not reckless, careening off the road fast, but faster-than-the-speed-limit-but-not-so-fast-that-I-get-a-ticket fast. Rob calls me Speed-Racer, Lead-Foot, Mario, but I know he secretly loves it. He loves it when I hop behind the wheel, turn up the Led Zeppelin, and lay that hammer down. Of course, driving in the mini-bus that is our family car, with wee'uns talking circles around each other, tends to cramp my Nascar style, so I save my cool moves for any errands I may get to run by myself. Plus, if we're running late, I'll drive and we usually make it there in time. You know I live to serve.

2. I love diners. Is there any place better than a place where you can stick to ancient vinyl seats while deciding between the turkey club or the Lobster Thermidor? And then chase it down with a creme brulee or a chocolate shake? I think not.

3. I have soft skin. I mean like baby soft, but what it boasts in suppleness, it lacks in elasticity. And three children have done nothing to help the situation. I am now sort of like a very comfy pillow - great for a mom, bad for cute clothes. Good thing I'm not a model.

4. I've eaten haggis and I've lived to talk about it. In all honesty, a well-made haggis is pretty tasty, and every ethnicity has a food that is best left a mystery in regards to the ingredients. It just so happens that Rob is as Scottish as the day is long, so for me that food is haggis.

5. I went to college with Steve Burns, aka: Steve, the original host of Blue's Clues. He was a fun guy to hang around, although my sister-in-law and some other friends knew him better than I did.

6. In my china hutch, I have a bottle from the Republic of Moldova with these ingredients: water, caramel, ginseng, vanilla, 23 species of medicinal plants, and other things that I am not able to translate from Romanian. It also has a 45% alcohol content, and the instructions tell the user to add one or two shots to soda, coffee, or a cocktail - in case the 45% alcohol content just wasn't getting the job done for you. I wonder how Rob got it through customs.

7. As a child, I only imagined myself doing two things as an adult. One of them was becoming a mom, and the other was being an author. I'm definitely a mom, and I've had a few things published for which I have been paid, so I guess that makes me an author, as well. Two for two ain't bad!

Now, according to The Legend of the 7 Things Meme, I am supposed to tag seven people. I honestly don't know if I have seven readers who have not done this, so I am just tagging at will. If you've done this (and I'm sure some of you have), or you don't have the time or inclination, just ignore it. I'm a mom, I'm used to people pretending not to hear what I say!
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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Just a quick comment...
    When we watch Blues Clues (the old ones) and I say Mommy went to college with Steve, Annaka's response is always- "Oh mom, be serious you don't know Steve!" (and she's two)
    PS Love to drive fast too and diners rock!
    Mirabella MOM

  2. I did 7 weird things, which is pretty close. I'd link it in this comment, but I'm too lazy!

  3. That's an awesome list, Lead Foot! I can't believe you went to college with Steve. I have a new found respect for you. I always liked Steve better than Joe. Thanks for participating :)

  4. Aaahhh, I SEE!! Yes, I will be doing this, but it may take some thinkin' on my part...

    Speed-Racer - I loved that cartoon!

  5. Here's mine:


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