Monday, April 23, 2007

Scattergories Meme

I saw this over at Linda's place (who, by the way, makes some really darling hair bows for the little lassies - you should check them out!), and since I rock at Scattergories, I thought I'd go for it. Well, I rock at Scattergories as long as I am not playing against my husband, the all-time champion of every board game every invented since the beginning of time. It is maddening and awe-inspiring at the same time. But I digress . . .
The basic premise of Scattergories is to answer questions from a slew of random categories, with all of the answers beginning with the same letter. In our house, we also list as many answers for each category as we can think of before the time expires, although I'm not sure if that is in the original rules of the game. All of my answers will begin with "A" since that is the first letter of my name; at least, I'm pretty sure that's how this meme goes.
Here is Scattergories, Aimee Style:

Your name: Aimee

Famous singer/band: Aerosmith
4 letter word: Ages
Street: Ash Street (doesn't every town have a row of streets named after trees? We do!)
Color: Amber
Gifts/Presents: Amethyst
Vehicle: Audi
Things in a Souvenir Shop: Artwork (the fancy name for postcards)
Boy's Name: Andrew
Girl's Name: Anna
Movie Title: Amistad
Drink: Amaretto
Occupation: Anthropologist
Flower: Aster
Celebrity: America Ferrera
Magazine: Appleseeds
US City: Anchorage, Alaska
Pro Sports Teams: (Colorado) Avalanche
Fruit: Apple (so mundane, I should have said Anjou Pear or something)
Reason for being late for work: Alien abduction
Something you throw away: Ashes
Things you shout: "Argh!" (in either of these two circumstances: I am playing pirates with The Boy, or I have seriously stubbed my toe and I don't want to swear in front of the kids. It works equally well for both.)
Cartoon character: Archie Andrews

I now pass the fun on to anyone who has the time for it, or who, like some who shall remain anonymous, doesn't really have the time but does it anyway.


  1. Famous singer/band: Josh Groban *sigh* ;-)
    4 letter word: jump
    Street: Johnston Drive
    Color: Jazzberry Jam (go ahead, check the box of crayola crayons)... Jungle green if you didn't find the first one (which was only added in the past 3 or 4 years)
    Gifts/Presents: Jewelry
    Vehicle: Jalopy
    Things in a Souvenir Shop: jellybeans
    Boy's Name: John
    Girl's Name: Johanna
    Movie Title: Jurassic Park
    Drink: Jungle Juice
    Occupation: Jester
    Flower: Johnny Jump-up
    Celebrity: Jesus
    Magazine: JANE
    US City: Juno (Alaska)
    Pro Sports Teams: Jets
    Fruit: Jujube
    Reason for being late for work: just got jumped
    Something you throw away: junk
    Things you shout: jerk!
    Cartoon character: Junie B. Jones... does she count?... Jasmine (Alladin)

  2. I played Scattergories over at my blog.

  3. Hmmmm... Would this be T that is anonymous without time? : lol :


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