Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Meme-ing of Life

I've been tagged for a few memes recently. Well, maybe not so much recently, since I was tagged about thirty seven years ago. The meme search parties have been called off, and I'm sure the taggers are no longer expecting to ever see my answers.

But I have a feeling that these memes will come in handy during this time of high uterine/low brain function. Lo, I believe they will become my very bread and butter, so I am doling them out carefully, keeping a few tucked away in the old drafts folder.

I will start with two that are similar in nature: the ubiquitous "random things" meme. Karen at The Rocking Pony has tagged me for 7 Random Things about myself, and Mama Mia has tagged me for 8 Random Things. Actually, her youngest Baby tagged my Sally for 8 things about herself, which is probably a good thing. No one needs that much random Aimee, but we could all use a little random Sally.

And with that introduction, I think that I've passed my yearly quota for usage of the word "random" in a single paragraph. And 2008 has only just begun.

Random Things: Sally Edition

  1. I have sucked my thumb since the day I was born. My parents have a jar labeled "Sally's Orthodontia Fund" and they have been throwing all the spare change they have in there.
  2. I have two favorite baby dolls that I carry around everywhere. One is named Baby Sally (which inspired my Nom-de-blog) and one is named Baby Sophie, although my family calls her Rattle Head Baby. I like to rattle her while I am going to sleep.
  3. I love to brush my teeth. I mean, I really love to brush my teeth. I run in and out of the bathroom yelling TEETH! at the top of my lungs so that Mom won't forget to put toothpaste on my toothbrush. Sometimes I even like to brush my hair with my toothbrush, but Mom is not too fond of that.
  4. I know how to work the text message feature of Mom's cell phone. She does not. I have also called people in her phone's address book, and then hung up on them.
  5. I like to sing, preferably at the top of my voice in a quiet place. Whenever I start up, Dad always says "Nature hates a vacuum."
  6. I love to clean. My favorite thing to do is to follow Mom around with a baby wipe and wipe down everything she misses. That's a lot these days, since she can't bend at the waist anymore.
  7. I like to load my babies up in the toy stroller, sling my little purse over my arm, and eat a cracker while I push the stroller around the house. Mom says she doesn't know where I get my ideas, but I think she really does.
  8. I love my older sister and brother, and I hate it when they won't let me play with them. That's usually when I bite them.

Random Things: Aimee Edition

  1. I am irrationally annoyed by seagulls. I don't know why -hence the irrational part - they just bug me.
  2. I'm intimidated by my hair salon. My stylist used to own her own little shop, but decided to sell to her partner so she could spend more time with her family. She moved to a swanky mega-salon/spa/gym, where the women are all wearing couture and the men wear more makeup than me. I'm always afraid that someone is going to jump out and try to pluck something off of me.
  3. I was once hit in the forehead by a dinner roll. A roll that was purposely thrown by the waitstaff of the restaurant. It was delicious.
  4. I enjoy vacuuming, especially if I have a good vacuum and a substantially dirty floor. There is something very therapeutic for me in the instant gratification of a clean floor. It's one of the few places in life where I get pleasing results for so little effort in such a short time.
  5. Tomorrow is my birthday. That's not random to me, but if you don't know me, then it might seem random to you.
  6. Today is my good friend (and former college roommate's) birthday. And we have the same name. And she is also expecting another little bundle in February. And no, I am not schizophrenic -- she is a real person. Happy Birthday, Ame!
  7. I really want to like lobster more, but when I get the chance to eat it, I never enjoy it as much as I think I will.

There you have it - all our random glory. I am not going to tag anyone for these because I am a rebel.

Stop laughing now, you caught me. I am not tagging anyone because I am too tired to type out all the links. I know it's laziness, but my bladder has also reached critical mass for the sixteenth time in a half hour, so I'm cutting this short. Feel free to take these home and love them as your own, but I've got to move along.

The bladder does not suffer fools lightly, my friends.

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