Sunday, December 03, 2006

Paging June Cleaver

This morning, after Rob left for the hospital by the dawn's early light, Older Girl and The Boy snuggled under the covers with me and decided it was a perfect time to chat. I tried to doze while they weighed the merits of the various occupational avenues open to them in the future. The Boy decided that he would "be tall like Daddy" when he grew up, while Older Girl tried to decide among doctor, landscaper, chef, or writer. Then came these little nuggets of advice:

Older Girl: "Mom, you can keep being a wife."

The Boy: "Yeah, but you'll need a costume . . ."

Apparently my current "wife" costume is not convincing them anymore . . .


  1. dang, i should have thought about that for halloween.

  2. I think the June Cleaver Costume would be a big hit in my house. If my Honey came home and saw me vacuuming in pearls and a pretty dress he would be very "happy" to see me. hummm... but he might just be happy if I vacuumed.


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