Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Call for "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

Sometimes I think back to this time last year, when The Boy was suffering from an undiagnosed 25- decibel hearing loss, and I think about how things were a little easier in certain ways. (I know even saying this makes me a bad mom. Um, can we not fix his ears a little longer because I swear, a lot, and it might take me some time to break the habit now that I know he can actually hear what I'm saying . . .)

Oh but now he can hear a pin drop . . . over in the next county. He is like Radar. And I am glad about that, and not just because the swearing really had to go (for the most part). Because now we can whisper sweet nothings into his ear, he hears birds singing outside, train whistles in the distance, he can actually sing the words to his favorite songs, and he can quote videos. He has become very interested in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" this year, and we all thought it was so cute when he went around repeating Linus' narration of The Nativity.

And it was all sweetness and light . . . until Older Girl refused to play trains with him and he stalked away from her room muttering, "What a blockhead!" to himself. I think it might be time to cut him off from the ole C. B. for a while . . .
(As an interesting side note, The Boy's name means "one who hears" or "little, open ears." I find that beyond coincidental . . .)

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  1. BECA Hawkette11:36 AM

    My favorite was always Christmas Eve on Sesame Street... even comes complete with music to get stuck in your head. Maybe he'd like a new Christmas movie to get stuck on for a while... although there aren't any trains or batteries in it :-/


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