Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stress Relief

I am procrastinating. Big time. I should be cleaning my bathrooms in preparation for the tide of relatives that will begin to swell tomorrow. Instead, I am sitting here blogging, still in my pj's, cramming blueberry muffin in my mouth, listening to Loretta Lynn extol the virtues of scrubbing clothes on a "washboard evr'y day" and feeling so grateful that I have a washer and dryer. (Because if I had to scrub clothes on a washboard every day, my kids would be wrapping themselves in dishtowels and bark by now.)
Thanksgiving is Rob's favorite holiday, because it's all about sharing the warmth of love and gratitude, and not about getting gifts. So we like to have everyone here for the big meal, but with 20+ people coming, I have to bring my A-game. (with me it's more like my Type-A game, but you knew that) And when it comes to organizing, I got mad skillz -- my office supply fetish ensures that I have copious amounts of paper for all my lists -- and I enjoy cooking, so that is the fun part for me.
But this year, I am kind of feeling a little slow on the uptake. I know that this will lead to what we call "the entertaining blitzkrieg," in which we run around like we are unhinged doing all kinds of things right before people walk in the door - like scrubbing baby spit-up off the sofa cushions. And not fresh baby spit-up, either, the old really stained spots that I would be tempted to hide by flipping the cushion over, except that there is a bigger and even more stubborn, mysterious stain on the other side. (Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about . . .)
But I know things will all work out, and even if they don't go perfectly, I don't think people will mind (ok, they might be a little miffed if there is no turkey, but I"ve got that covered). And besides, The Boy just came upstairs to inform me that he is planning on wearing his new stripey underwear for Thanksgiving because he wants to "dress up" -- apparently, the power of festive undergarments cannot be denied.
So, my dear, lovely folks, if I am not back here until after the turkey carcass has gone into the freezer, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, wherever you are. May we all have full bellies and full hearts, and thank God that we have been blessed to have them.


  1. Good luck getting going. I need to be cleaning my house before we leave town, but I'm just vegging out today. I do enjoy the family time at Thanksgiving, just not the stress that goes with it. But that is probably family related. At Christmas we have made it clear that we will be in our home Christmas morning and everyone else can do what they please. Not so much with T-giving. Oh well. Good luck again!

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Wow! I was cleaning my carpets and doing laundry and I just made blueberry muffins with my 3 year old and I am in my PJ's how weird is that!! Jennifer

  3. ha ha - i am laughing at your couch, because i think you must have stolen mine and put it in your house. i called to ask how much it costs to be professionally cleaned - not worth it, my friend. i'm going to be strategically placing some blankets and throw pillows when our guests are here...

  4. I am lucky enough that Thanksgiving is not our house, so I don't have to do the cleaning, I do, however have to do the cooking...at someone else's house. Works for me since I won't have to do the cleanup!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. You know, I was doing about the same thing on Tuesday. I could have written almost the entire post.
    Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one!

  6. I have completely given up making sure the house is spotless before people come over. Clean, yes, museum, no. Everyone we know knows that we have 3 children under the age of 6. I just haven't got the time. So we tidy and sweep and de-clutter. and if the stairs don't get swept, well, the dust bunnies are family too... ;)


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