Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Already?

Halloween is over for us. "What?" you may ask, "Halloween isn't until Tuesday, October 31st."
Well, in most communities you would be correct to assume that, but here in lovely North Whitehall Township, we trick-or-treat from 6-8 pm on the closest Friday before Halloween. I've heard various reasons for this policy (It won't be on a school night. It's safer for the kids, people will know when to expect them) none of which seem particularly compelling. I even tend to laugh at the "school night" argument since most kids are out late with extracurricular activities anyway. And as for the "it's safer because people will know when to expect the kids," haven't people managed for years to plan accordingly for a holiday that comes every October 31st? The curfew I agree with -- no one wants a masked teenager showing up for candy at 11 pm. That's not trick-or-treating, that's robbery. But otherwise, I say leave the trick-or-treating for the real day. I'm a holiday purist.

That being said, the kids had a blast and they were so darn cute! Even the coats I made them wear didn't bother them. This was the first year that The Boy was 100% on board with the whole idea of Halloween, and his excitement was contagious. I loved his trick-or-treating pitch at the door. It went something like: "Trick-or-treat! I need candy!" But my favorite part was his departure from every house when he said: "Thanks for the candy. Love you, Bye!" Amen, little buddy. I'm lovin' the people who give me candy, too.

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a Good Night . . .


  1. Aimee-Aim...

    I have one thing to say about Halloween...

    D- to the -E- to the -L-I-C-I-O-U-S one would say...anyway, can't wait to see the pics! Boo on work!

  2. Do you know how many people were touched by your little guy's "thank you?" That is SO sweet! I bet he made plenty of people's day.


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